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April 29, 2021

A website link built for you and your audience. Share your brand and content with just one link. Absolutely free!

This project was made because I hated all the website builders out there. They are so hard to use and require insane design skills. With BrandLink, use an extremely simple drag-and-drop interface to create your own mobile site!

TypeScriptExpressReactGoogle Cloud Platform

UBC Courses API

August 01, 2020

The UBC Realtime Courses API was developed in the hopes of making course data easily available to all developers. Any data imaginable (Vancouver or Okanagan Campus) on the ssc courses site - this api has it all. And the most important part of it all? This API can retrieve data in REAL-TIME. Woah.


UBC Courses - course searcher

August 01, 2020

The best UBC course searcher. Try 'anime', or 'greek mythology'! Made because the official ubc course searcher sucks

ReactTypescriptMaterial UI

GitLove - 2nd Overall

July 13, 2020

An Progressive Web App that spices up the way programmers date and meet online. It matches users that swipe right on each other and forces them to communicate with a catch: by running custom created Scheme (a functional programming language) code to be displayed/played on the other end.

It's basically as if Snapchat and Tinder had a baby. Submitted to MLH Summer hackathon. Second Overall out of 222 participants.


OwlPlanr - Day Planner for Indecisive Friend Groups

July 04, 2020

Can’t agree on something to do for the day, or don't know what to do on your vacation? PlanR is a web app that creates an itinerary that automatically generates a full day-plan for the group tailored to everyone's interests!

All you have to do is check off the activities you'd like to do, and the types of food they want to eat, and when everyone is done, a fully laid out day is planned for the group consisting of places to eat, and things to do.

Google Maps APIGoogle Places APITwilioNode.jsexpressejsMoment.jsJavascript

Koios - Intelligent Memorization Tool

April 27, 2020

JavaFX replica of quizlet (flashcards) made for UBC CPSC 210.


BestBuy ArPro - Winner

February 10, 2020

An AR Android application to let you view the latest Best Buy product in your home, from the comfort of your pyjamas. 2nd place out of over 300 people

Node.jsExpresssocket.ioPhaser 3Javascript


January 12, 2020

Real Time 3d Body Pose Tracking & analytics for physiotherapy using a machine learning model directly implemented into the browser, which is first analyzed within the app, and then provided to a physiotherapist who can further analyze the data.

The goal is to make physiotherapy accessible in the home :-)

Computer VisionFirebaseJavascriptReactNode.jsTensorflowPosenet

DM us! (Direction Message us)

November 30, 2019

Get realtime transit information without a costly phone data or internet plan

FlaskPythontwilioGoogle Maps


November 30, 2019

A PVP leetcode / competitive programming game to make solving competitive programming problems fun.


UBC Course Registration Helper App

June 19, 2019

Frustrated that UBC's Course search is horrendous and inconvenient? Need to view all course data in one page rather than clicking? This app can help. Made by scraping UBC's website. Built because UBC's course search sucks.

Used over 5500 times by 400+ people and saved countless of hours. (This gave me back the 3 hours it took to code this)

Node.jsExpressWeb ScrapingJavascript

This Site!

June 11, 2019

Responsive website built with ReactJS. Readible code and modern design. Easily mantainable (and good lookin')


Node.js Moba Game

May 12, 2019

A real-time online multiplayer game inspired by MOBA games like League Of Legends. Game includes support for many players, teams, and customizable abilities. Play it with your friends, it's pretty fun - for a couple of minutes.

Node.jsExpresssocket.ioPhaser 3Javascript

RapViz [HackTech 2020 Finalist]

March 31, 2019

An app that highlights the rhymes in the current song you are listening to on spotify for fun


Online Tetris Multiplayer

March 05, 2019

A full-fledged real-time multiplayer tetris game written in javascript using node.js and, fully implemented with all standard competitive Tetris rules. Fully programmed from scratch from graphics to game logic!

HTML5 CanvasJavascriptSocket.ioNode.jsExpress

Java Url Opener

July 15, 2018

Ever get the feeling to save a bunch of tabs you have to open in a few days? Well, this is a configurable java program to open multiple tabs at the same time, to SAVE time. Fully implemented with a nice, console GUI.


June 26, 2016

A full-blown stock and cryptocurrency market simulator. Currently has 200+ users with over 2000+ transactions. Supports many features such as loans, buying, selling, rankings, and transaction history. Made mainly with PHP and MySQL as the database.

Data provided by IEX cloud and Cryptocompare.


Old Website

January 01, 2015

My old portfolio site made in 2015. Rip 2019 :(