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My First Year In Review (at UBC)

As first year comes to an end in a VERY unpredictable fashion, I can only think to myself that my first year was a massive success! In this post, I want to reflect on the various things I’ve learnt, the amazing teams I’ve had the pleasure to participate in, and share with you the new outlooks on life that I’ve obtained.

I’m a firm believer that university is more than just a place to get an education; it’s a place to grow yourself and to have memorable memories. I’ve always known since a young age that I would live life with no regrets. How perfect it is, then, that we should try new things during the time we have at university! It’s a time to chase your passions, but equally a time to sort out the activities you despise.

It’s also a time to build memories. Somethings in life never last forever, but memories do. We only have one chance to experience college, so why not make the most of it? :)

Here’s now an overview of my first year at UBC 2020.

in progress… haha

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